Heath & Wellness- The Importance of Hydration

Whether at the spa, soaking up some sun, or getting some exercise, the importance of keeping your body properly hydrated cannot be overstated. Good hydration is essential for health and wellness and plays many important roles within the human body. Dehydration occurs when the human body loses more water than is taken in. In a normal day, an average person loses 2 to 3 liters of water which need to be replaced daily. Failure to do so results in dehydration. According to the European Hydration Institute, some of the benefits of proper hydration are:


Adequate hydration is important for proper functioning of the brain. When we are well hydrated, brain cells are better supplied with fresh, oxygen-laden blood, and the brain remains alert. Mild dehydration, a 1% to 2% loss in body weight, can impair the ability to concentrate. Loss of more than 2% body weight due to dehydration can affect the brain processing abilities and impair short-term memory.


Hydration in the body is important for transporting carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The cells then produce energy for the body to function. Furthermore, hydration facilitates disposal of the waste products of metabolism, enabling the right cellular chemical function.

Digestive Tract

Hydration plays an important role in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Water is required to dissolve nutrients so that they may be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the cells. Insufficient hydration will slow the digestive process and chronic poor hydration can lead to constipation.


Fluids are important for healthy heart function and the correct regulation of water balance is essential to keep blood pressure within the healthy range. Dehydration decreases cardiac output which may lead to increases in heart rate and a fall in blood pressure. The circulatory system delivers a constant supply of oxygen to the brain, muscles and to all other tissues.


An adequate water intake is essential to keep the kidneys working well, helping them to remove waste products and excess nutrients mainly via urine. The kidneys regulate the body water levels by increasing or decreasing the flow of urine. The kidneys also work to control normal levels of sodium and other electrolytes. A well-hydrated, healthy person's kidneys filter approximately 180 liters of water each day: clearly most of this has to be reabsorbed to prevent excessive losses from the body.

Muscles and Joints

Water acts as a lubricant for muscles and joints; it helps cushion joints and keeps muscles working properly. Muscles and joints, in addition to the bones, are necessary for us to stand, sit, move and carry out all daily activities. Approximately 70 to 75 percent of muscle is made up of water. Maintaining the right water balance is essential for optimum muscle function.


The skin constitutes a defense against pathogenic agents and contributes to preventing the development of infectious and allergic processes. Some people believe that good hydration helps to moisten body tissues and preserve the skin's elasticity, softness and coloring, though this has not been researched adequately.


The body water has an important role as a thermoregulator, regulating the overall body temperature by helping dissipate heat. If the body becomes too hot, water is lost through sweat and the evaporation of this sweat from the skin surface removes heat from the body. Sweating is the most effective way that the body prevents itself from overheating.

So how much fluid does the average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate need? The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.

For more information, please see http://www.europeanhydrationinstitute.org/hydration.html or http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in...


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