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Luxus Spas values the input and opinions of spa, health, and wellness centers owners as to the design and usefulness of our website. Our goal is to promote high quality spas in partnership with the industry while seeking spa consumer input. It is our sincere hope that our site not only improves the quality spas/treatments but also serves to educate and promote the industry as a whole.

Rankings - The Luxus Spa rankings are based on the survey results of both spa consumers and our professional spa reviewers. We make every attempt to make sure the information is fair and balanced. If for some reason, you believe the rankings or survey results do not accurately represent your spa, please let us know and we will look in to your concerns.

Spa Information and Photos - Each Spa, Salon, or Wellness Center listing is carefully created using public information. If for some reason, we have invalid information about your spa or you would like add additional information, please email us and we will be happy to update your profile.

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