Luxus Spas

About Us

Luxus Spas is a premier web publication dedicated to providing the most objective analysis to affluent consumers of luxury spa services.  Our team hunts the globe for the most distinguished spas and wellness centers to analyze and review.  We then combine our professional reviews with consumer rankings to conclude the genuine integrity of the spas.  We take the guess work out of selecting a luxury spa, ensuring that high standards are never optional.

Luxus Spas was created by our Founder after he continually found it difficult to locate genuine high end spas while traveling the world.  Many luxury spas weren’t delivering an experience that paralleled their claims or consumers’ expectations.  Luxus Spas exists today to ensure that your search for a luxury spa experience is met with excellent results.

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How Our Professional Reviews Work

At Luxus Spas, our industry standard is excellence.  To guarantee this measure, our professional review writers commit to providing analysis that remains consistent across the board.  You can trust our professional reviews because every writer utilizes the same detailed matrix of questions to evaluate a spa before it is ranked in their review.  By operating with a uniform standard, we ensure that you are supplied fair and unbiased reviews. 

It is necessary to note that Luxus Spas never accepts payment from sponsors or advertisers to increase the ranking of their spas.  We promise to provide fair appraisals that have not been externally influenced.

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