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Trend Alert: Spa Parties and Gatherings

Luxury Spa Parties and Gatherings

Spas are quickly becoming the new celebration destination and for good reason. Nothing promotes female bonding like shared pampering in a luxurious environment.  Whether celebrating a birthday party, girl’s day out, bachelorette party, or even a baby shower, spas offer a refreshingly unique venue for social gatherings. Below are tips for planning the most relaxed party you’ve ever thrown.

Reserve a Spa ASAP

Make reservations for your spa gathering as early as possible, preferably a month in advance for large parties.  Know your party date and the estimated number of guests before contacting potential spas, as these are the details to cover first.

Know When to Party

Book your spa gathering for an early afternoon on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday when spas have more staff working than at any other time of the week. More therapists equal more treatment options and availability for your guests. Likewise, booking a party in the early afternoon leaves the option to share lunch with your party prior to treatments, or dinner together after your treatments.

Ask and You Shall Receive Discounts

A discount of 10-15% off treatments is common for spa groups, but at some spas the perks get even better.  Many members-only spas drop their membership requirement for spa parties while still offering membership pricing on treatments.  Be sure to ask about product discounts as well as complimentary use of spa amenities, including the gym, steam room, pools, and saunas.

How to Book Treatments for a Party

  • Send a spa brochure with your party invites
  • Have guests RSVP with two different treatment options
  • Let them know they may not all receive the same treatment
  • If their first choice is unavailable, ask the spa to book their second choice
  • You’ll need a guest’s first and last name when booking their specific treatment

Not all therapists are trained for every treatment.  By diversifying treatments, more therapists can serve your group. 

Order Food and Beverages

The spa may provide catering for your party or you can bring your own food. If catering is available, order your meals in advance so guests can slip into their robes and sit down to their food without the hassle of waiting.   Spas that cater often won’t allow you to bring your own food, with the exception of a birthday cake or champagne.  Even so, these items may incur a $15 food or cork fee. Spas that don’t provide catering typically let you bring food free of charge.  Know the spa’s food policy in advance.

Make it Memorable!

Enhance your event with decorative details and special touches.

  • Bring balloons, fresh flowers, photographs, and/or party treats
  • Drop off personalized cards and gifts for the spa to place in your guest’s lockers.
  • Serve mimosas or other refreshing drinks to guests upon their arrival.
  • Have games planned.  (But please practice good Spa Etiquette and keep the noise down).
  • Designate one of the guests as the event photographer – you’ll be grateful you did!

For Brides and Bridesmaids

There’s no better way to thank devoted bridesmaids than by spoiling them at the spa.  Consider buying monogrammed spa robes in the bride’s wedding color as bridesmaid’s gifts and have everyone wear them during the party.  This is a gift ladies will appreciate and it makes for fabulous spa photographs.  The bride should wear a white robe, of course – veil optional!

Have a Payment Plan

Spas will require at least one credit card on file to reserve a spa party. Expect to pay for treatments and food the day of the event, unless the spa allows pre-payment.  Group events commonly include an 18-20% gratuity, so you won’t need to calculate the tip. 

Do let the spa know ahead of time if you need separate tabs for each guest.  Paying individually allows guests to leave when they need to while not disturbing the party. You can easily pay for the entire party on one credit card if the event is a gift, or you can have guests pay you back afterward. 

Hostess with the Mostess Relaxation

Unlike other gatherings, spa parties allow the host to leave feeling just as relaxed and recharged as her guests. With the planning guesswork out of the way, go ahead - pick a reason to celebrate and get thee to the spa!

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