5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Travel Europe

Luxus Spas is headed to Europe this week!  While we send some of our crew to Italy and England, allow us to let you in on a little secret.  Fall is the best time of year to visit Europe! That’s right, while everyone else settles into a sorry bout of summertime sadness, travelers in the know are just now embarking on their European excursions and health and wellness center visits.  Why?  Because fall is the best time of year to avoid many of the nuances that plague visitors to Europe.  Here are our top five reasons why:

1.        Less Crowds

The massive summer crowds and the long lines they create dissipate when school starts up in the fall.  Imagine walking straight into the museum of your choice, not having to wait hours for the most recommended restaurants, and not having fifty strangers photo bomb your picture in front of Trevi Fountain.  You can see twice as much in Europe when you’re not wasting half your time in long queues. Less people also means more flexibility in booking last minute treatments at top spas and health and wellness centers.

2.        More Affordable Airfare

Apart from winter, fall provides some of the most affordable airline fares to Europe.  Tickets from the US are rarely “cheap”, but in the fall they can at least be a lot cheaper.  Flight and train tickets from within Europe are available for complete steals which practically makes country hopping a necessity this time of year.

3.        Cooler Weather / Beautiful Photographs

Europe was made to be viewed in the fall.  The leaves come brilliantly alive in all their autumn glory, the heat loses its edge and begins to cool, and the afternoon sun washes everything – mountains, beaches, castles, monuments, and YOU – in a glorious golden glow.  Its photography dreamland and your photos will be distinct from everyone else’s, guaranteed.

Especially in parts of Spain and Italy, there is such a thing as too much heat.  Visiting in the fall ensures that you come home with a suntan, not sunburn.  And, need we mention the lines again?  Also not fun in 95 degree weather.

4.       Connect with Locals

Guess where all the Europeans go during the summer?  That’s right, on vacation.  When fall comes the locals return, however, and you can experience European culture at its finest.  Authentic cultural encounters that open us up to the world and people around us are what traveling is all about.  Fall is simply more conducive to these type of encounters.

5.       Discounts

When the summer crowds leave, they take the high price tags with them.  Not only airlines, but hotels, spas, and wellness centers also typically offer wonderful discounts for travelers visiting during off-peak seasons.  Less people means less demand, which equates to more bargaining power for you if shopping is on your agenda.  Go ahead, make an offer!

6.        Vino!

Okay, we cheated.  We had to throw in one extra reason for the wine lovers.  Autumn is wine grape harvest time in Europe and this is cause for some serious festivities! Italy tends to harvest in August, while France harvests in September and October.  Many spas will also offer a nice glass or two with your treatments.  Don’t forget to ask.

We hope to hear from you as we’re out and about and we look forward to sharing some European spa reviews soon!


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