The 4 Best Colors for Winter Nails

Getting a luxurious spa manicure and pedicure is one of life's simplest pleasures.  That is, until it's time to pick out the nail polish color.  If you've ever caught yourself staring hopelessly at 50 shades of nude pink, you understand what we mean.

In the summer almost any color goes.  However, in the winter choosing the perfect hue can be especially difficult.  Our skin is often pale and prone to turning red in the cold, making many nail polish colors appear cold and sickly against the skin.

If you're ready to change up your manicure this winter season, good news!  We've done the research for you and can confidently suggest four color options that will look great on most anyone.  Yes, navy, orange, and green nails are on trend this season.  No, we can't recommend them for every skin tone.  What can we recommend?  So glad you asked.

Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple red nail polish

Our Pick: DIOR Haute Couleur, #657 Trafalgar

It’s as timeless as the little black dress and our definite go to when in winter nail polish doubt.  This red is for the confident woman who’s not shy about drawing attention to herself – or her beautiful hands and feet.  Wear it when you need to get into the party mood or when you simply need to add a little pep to your step.  Remember to keep your nails fairly short with this color and be warned, nothing makes diamond jewelry sing like the addition of a red manicure.  Enter jewelry stores with caution! 

PS: We love the name of this polish as nowhere did we witness more red manicures than in London this year. Red still rules Britannia!


Oxblood nail polish

Our Pick: Tom Ford, # 16 Bordeaux Lust

This elegant color is dark enough to be sexy, but light enough to keep you out of the “vamp” category.  It will make your hands appear Snow White fair and it looks amazing with gold accessories and black leather.  Oxblood polish is a perfect choice for those who are tired of maroons and magentas as there are no pink undertones in this rich hue.


Eggplant Nail Polish

Our Pick: Chanel, #599 Provocation

If you’re shy about unconventional nail colors but desperately want to try something new, we highly suggest eggplant.  While other colors in the purple family can appear cold, this hue is incredibly warm and outright cozy.  Eggplant is a fun and unexpected color to sport this winter and you needn’t worry about it making you appear juvenile.  It looks especially regal when paired with gold, gray, beige, and neutrals.

Warm Greige

Chanel 599 Provocation, Warm Greige

Our Pick: YSL La Laque Couture, #39 Beige Gallery

There’s nothing understated about the perfect beige nail.  It’s not pink and it’s not overdone; it’s just classic and clean.  Make sure to choose a warm beige color that has a cool grey undertone.  The combination keeps your skin from looking sallow and cold.  Pairs beautifully with neutrals, golds, and reds.


YSL La Laque Couture, 39 Beige Gallery

When in doubt over what nail polish selection you’ll encounter at the spa, please feel free to bring your own bottle of polish with you.  Your nail technician should be happy to use your color and you can sit back and relax, knowing you just bypassed the only stressful part of getting your nails done.

If you’re feeling photo happy during your next spa visit, send us a pic of your winter spa manicure or pedicure and you may be featured in our social media!  Send all pics to

Enjoy those jingle bells and winter nails!

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